In These Times: Should Democratic Socialists Be Democrats?

Again, this "Democratic socialism" label is BS. Europeans will tell you Bernie is not a classical 'socialist.' Anything but. This label is simply what the Democrats USED TO BE, from FDR to McGovern's loss. The purposeful rightward push of the Democratic Leadership Council turned us into pale, sickly copycats of the Right's big business strategies. They turned away, hard, from economic populism. Dear lord, they compromised on welfare with the hard Right.

The question really is, what does "Democrat" stand for? I find, when discussing with peers, my age puts me in an entirely different universe. Go read about McGovern, and the shift after his loss. Then we might have something in common to talk about.

Every time someone says "socialist" in association with Democrats, they're shoving free ammo in the PR cannon for the Right. Stop it. You too, Bernie. It's stupid. It's the one major mistake you made. IMHO. It worked in your state. Fine. That was decades ago. Get with the program. It won't work in rural areas, soaked in Fox News. You say "socialist", they hear "communist." Visions of Lenin, Stalin and Mao dance in their rhetoric.