Capital & Main: Trump’s Unaffordable Care Act.

Just look at what happened to cash assistance for families with children, known as “TANF.” After the program was block-granted in 1996, a cottage industry sprung up to squeeze profits from the limited pool of welfare funds. Within five years, over $1.5 billion in taxpayer dollars meant for poor families had gone to contractors like IBM and Lockheed Martin. By 2014, only 26 percent of TANF dollars were going to basic assistance for poor families.

Ironic, that. The TANF was the terrible welfare deal Bill Clinton struck with the 'Contract with America' Congress. So, in essence, this author is calling Trump's idea terrible because it echoes a terrible Democratic/Republican compromise continually touted as a Democratic President's 'success'. "Reaching across the aisle." Ick.

In both cases, we the people get screwed. I hoped that Hillary would have had more creative ideas for fixing the ACA. We'll never know now.