NY Daily News: Donna Brazile finally admits giving debate questions to Clinton.

My job was to make all our Democratic candidates look good, and I worked closely with both campaigns to make that happen.

Parse this any way you want to, but I've been proven right. Wikileaks material was not altered. Brazile cheated and then lied about it. And Democratic 'savior' Clinton accepted the cheat. What does that say about her ethics? And don't give me the 'everyone does it.' That's the straight Trump line. Look at yourself in a mirror.

[What do you want to bet that she throws Podesta under the bus if scrutiny gets closer to the Clinton homestead? And all the establishment faithful will fall into line with "Poor Hillary! John Podesta was such a weasel. How could she know?" The most micromanaging duo in the history of politics, Bill and Hillary. How could they know!?! Or the old saw, "Women have to cheat in order to get equal consideration." Bella Abzug would have strangled anyone saying that in the remnants of their burned VS bra.]

Leaving Brazile as head of the DNC sent a terrible message - I warned about this. The damage to the Democratic 'brand' continues. If you can't see that, I can't help you. In too many eyes, this once again proves conservative media correct (ironically, 'right') versus leftwing media channels. That damage is huge - especially for upcoming midterms - hence the silence in the left-leaning media, trying to minimize it all. It's a bad move. Heads need to roll. The journos who glossed this over need to be publicly ejected. Otherwise there can be no belief or respect.

But for Bernie, I'm ashamed to be a Democrat today.