Here's a question about global warming ...

... I've not seen an answer to. Will Earth warm enough (from our own overenthusiasm for greenhouse gases) to significantly reduce human populations, and then slowly return to a more temperate equilibrium? Or can/will it heat enough to make humankind extinct, and then return to 'normal'?

Has anyone done any theorizing about this?

[I come from a tradition of asking stupid questions sometimes yields new insights ...]

T Jr., Kennedy, Andropov ...

Yes, allegedly Kennedy made backchannel overtures to the Soviet Union in the '80's. Andropov declined the 'assistance'. Soviet memos 'prove' the event, though that sourcing brings a certain percentage of doubt into the picture, noone's come out with any serious debunk or denials. The mainstream media didn't really touch it - perhaps because of the sourcing, or because of the status of the implicated party. You would think the revelation would at least spur an investigation, at the time it was reported.

Whichever way you want to parse it, that does not excuse either case of treasonous behavior. It was wrong then (even MORE wrong - that was the Soviet Union, not Russia as it exists today - and what reasoning human being would try to treat with Andropov?), it is wrong now. Putin is not our buddy, he is not a 'competing business entity'. He's a Rottweiler with specific strategies that do not align with our own, while we've got Andy and Opie in the White House.

Neither side of the aisle's gonna like me for this: Kennedy should have been fried like a flounder in court. Trump Jr., no less.

SF New Mexican: Yes, tourism is growing in New Mexico.

HOORAY, a journo is calling out the marketing BS. If you check out "Visit NM" on Youtube, you'll find only seven videos have over 100,000 views (100,000 being the number where corporations generally consider an Instagram account worthy of significant sponsorship). "We ain't as popular as we think." It would be nice to have an investigation of Longwoods; they seem to be about the only game in town for measuring tourism. Too many similarities in their assessments across very different states, IMHO.