Catapult: The Privilege of Having Soft Hands.

Caught my attention. My WWII generation father would judge men by their calluses. I was surprised when I heard him mention it (I was a child); though a Princeton/Harvard man, he seemed to have extra respect for those who worked hard at manual labor. Perhaps it was his own years as an orphan, shovelling farm animal excrement to afford to attend Mount Hermon prep.

Finally got to try Omission Ultimate Light GF brew.

Not much body, but a nice citrusy finish. I used to partake of Corona with fresh lime in the summer months - this will replace that pretty well. My fear is, with the lack of normal beer body, it will go down too fast and too frequently. In the SW, you try to never use beer as a 'thirst quencher' ... you could conceivably use this in that manner. Quench thirst with water first. Then beer.

Omission's Pale Ale remains my fave. But if I want to reduce calories, this will be the go-to.

naked cap: More Evidence School Choice Hurts Student Performance.

All of this sounds just so sensible until you take into consideration that individuals don’t pay for public education; the taxpayers do. And the choices parents make about their children’s education don’t just affect their children; they have an impact on the whole community.

Concerned friends tutor their own children, if they discover deficits. Or hire tutors. Where is this 'solution' ever mentioned?  I went to public school. I had some great teachers. And some dreadful ones. Tutelage made up the difference. Mentors are better, but it is a significant time- and responsibility-investment few will accept.

NY Times: No More Gang Rape Scenes in Ballets, Please.

Similar to my feelings about shooting environmental disasters, civil rights confrontations, etc.

When we take a photo of something horrible, apply graphic design mentality to the composition, make it beautiful to behold ... are we not lowering the threshold of outrage ... even giving permission for these acts to happen?

I think too much.

TheHill: Clinton launches new political action group.

A little late, Hill. I suspect she's more concerned about perpetuating 'New Democratic' ideas into the future ... because of the 'risk' of Sanders. Gotta stay true to the Clinton neoliberalism. In typical fashion, the Onward Together site asks for donations and emails.

Sanders' Our Revolution is already at work, and reporting on that work. You see them busy as bees everywhere across the country.