That's what this Alabama Senate election will bestow, if Jones wins. The Democratic Party wants to be able to 'relax into' a pure and simple oppositional strategy for 2018. Cheap, easy. Plays into the Party's worst character traits.

I'd rather they won in the battlefield of ideas.

I certainly don't like or want Moore. But I have to tell you, I have spent much time in Tennessee ... and many of my coworkers were married at 16 (parental consent signatures). Many. The high-and-mighty media is not informing you about this Southern cultural tidbit. I feel a Democratic win in Alabama would be a rare event in any year, no matter the candidate.

I do not peg my 2018 hopes to this one election.

You would be wise not to, as well.

The media is howling like this is a watershed moment for American morality. That is, in my view, patently ridiculous. Gentrification is happening to the upper-South and mid-South (think NC), but the southernmost states are slower (maybe it's the heat, humidity and kudzu). You can easily find the '60's there, if you avoid the urban areas. And at other times, you would find nostalgic articles in the aforesaid media about these spots.

Capital & Main: The Business of Change - Do Corporations Want to Save America?

The genesis of the contemporary movement was reactive, says White, and came in the wake of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska and the Bhopal toxic gas leak at a Union Carbide pesticide plant in India that led to thousands of deaths.

I have to point out that the Valdez spill remediation was too little, and slow to roll out - but it was 1000x better than the previous tanker disaster of note. Do you remember which one that was? I do. Amoco Cadiz. Before that, Torrey Canyon. As a kid, I wondered that any nation would allow Liberian-registered vessels anywhere near their international water boundaries.

Too many of these disasters involve pocketchange thrown willy-nilly. Mother Nature ends up taking the beating, and doing what cleanup she can.

NY Times: Treating Anxiety in Children.

“If they’re afraid of dogs, they have to practice petting dogs; if they’re afraid of talking to people, practice talking to people."

God yes. Don't start them on the drug track this young. Anxiety can also mean a child is unchallenged, too. I had been raised around adults almost exclusively before kindergarten, and had a terrible time adjusting to the idiocies of fellow children.

Roll Call: The X-Factor in the Alabama Senate Race.

The thing about all this that bugs the crap out of me, is that I cannot tell you a single position that Jones represents other than "liberal Democrat." This campaign has been waged (on the part of the media) as entirely 'anti-Moore', 'anti-Trump'.

That's not enough. You need to stand FOR something, not just AGAINST something. As much as you repel people from your opposition, you need to attract them to your own - not just make them sit at home and not vote.

To me, this does not bode well for Democrats in '18, if they intend to continue this same old Clinton strategy.

CBS News: Large solar array in yard akin to monster, neighbors complain.

I'm sorry, but these things really belong on roofs. With the solar tax credit, we have some neighbors who have built small solar 'factories' in their yards (using their minimum acre and a half to get paid by the local utility). They're required to shield them from the road ... but not from the greenbelts. Looking out from my courtyard, some backyards look like industrial scaffolding.

An alternative would be to reserve some communal neighborhood space, and run the cables to houses. Shield them well from sight.

I'm as green as the next guy, but there's no reason to plunk one down in your front yard and expect no shouts of dismay.