naked cap: Roger Ailes and Rachel Maddow - A Friendship Made in Heaven?

Depending on how partisan you are, this may melt your brain. Rationalize away, but it is important to know when parsing her statements. Remember my admonition to be careful who you mortgage your opinions from? Isn't this sort of parallel to say Jon Stewart being drinking buddies with Bill O'Reilly? (not fact, just a comparison)

NY Times: The Power of Ariana Grande.

Is Grande’s network stronger than Abedi’s? I believe it is. The public face of the world — the Islamic State and all those meaningless words — is ugly right now. But behind it, in myriad ways, billions use the forces of connection to resist the abyss and lift humanity.

In the battle of pop v. terrorism, who will win? I think this incident underlined for me that terrorism is largely a young male issue. As the hormones rage, the drive to become a hero/martyr is strong. The 'dark side' is all too tempting, when one feels powerless and out-of-control.

My main concern is radicalization-by-internet. A good example, though far less evil: Look at how many of the early bloggers got hooked by the no-time-investment ease of snark via Twitter. All those lovely long posts gone, swapped for forgettable conversational detritus. "Good one!" Instant feedback, perhaps popularity, but reliant on constant flow of snark. Personalities changed to match the rewards.

It's all so easy. One can even slip into it completely unawares.

You don't have to agree. I'm just asking you to keep your eyes open. Use your 'net 'peripheral vision' to scan for threat - to yourself, to your loved ones. Anyone can get 'radicalized', in so many ways.

NY Post (2004): Al Franken Knocks Down Dean Heckler.

The parallels are not exact, but perhaps we all need to step back from yesterday's news and consider our political climate more widely. It's not 'just Republicans'; and our media has no memory (a conservative friend reminded me of this incident).

Physical retribution for mere words is completely unacceptable. No matter which side of the aisle you're on.

CBS: Reporter says Montana candidate Greg Gianforte's account of alleged assault is false.

... House Speaker Paul Ryan called on Gianforte to apologize. "There's never a call for physical altercations," Ryan said. "There is no time where a physical altercation should occur with the press, or just between human beings. So that was wrong, and it should not have happened." But Ryan said he would "let the people of Montana decide who they want as their representative" when asked whether he would allow Gianforte to be seated if he wins.

So much for courage of your convictions. I don't know of a single person of my acquaintance who could ever follow the former statement with the latter. Noone I know has such low moral standards. Of course, partisanship has claimed many, so this may have changed post-election. But please. This is not 'leading.'

Later: OK. Let me modify my thinking. REINTRODUCE DUELLING. That way we can eliminate some of these fools. And yes, I'm introducing 'idiocy' to my categories. Case in point.