Mother Jones: A Review of Reviews of "The Handmaid's Tale".

You wonder if any reviewers ever gave a second to think about the fact this show was produced long before the election results were in. What would their judgment have been if Clinton were President now? It's worth thinking about. Seriously. "Timely." "Relevant." Hmmph.

What did reviewers think of the book back in the day? That might point with more accuracy - removed from current events. Some rosy, some not.

From my world outside the mainstream, the descriptions and previews seem like paranoia-porn. This show's being pushed like a cheap Starbucks drink - you see them everywhere, those handmaiden bonnets. The two-coast media are fawning over, praising the various horrors. "1984" was cerebral and horrifying. "Handmaiden" seems a remix of "Stepford Wives" and a snuff film, mixed with a little old-school Moral Majority mayhem.

Not my cup of tea.

[BTW, not an Atwood fan. Read "The Blind Assassin" and it nearly killed me. A plodding book. I'd recommend John Fowles' "Daniel Martin" instead. By lightyears.]

The Fully Intended: I've been here before.

Molly, when I hit 19, for the next two years I couldn't turn my brain off. Thoughts zipped around my cranium, I could barely sleep. I think I observed my life through a crystalline-like lens those years. So many facets, I felt I couldn't concentrate on just one. You'll get through it, just relax and take it all in. When I tried to fight it, it only got worse.

Sorry, I would rather have commented via Google+, but it's not allowing me to do anything but +1's for now. Molly is Euan Semple's daughter, one of our longtime blogging compadres. If you don't get his newsletter, and you're in any part of the web industry, you simply must sign up. It's one of my never-miss resources.

From the archives: On North Korea, from *2004*.

Still pertinent, the discussion is just as applicable today. Back when we still had civil discussions on weblogs. [Be prepared for a long load time - my old site has been the target of scrapers in other countries, so I've had to put some rather resource-hungry IP blocks on it.]

That we're still facing this THIRTEEN YEARS LATER, however, boggles my mind. But knowing the military-industrial complex ...

We may not admire Trump, but NK has been a festering cyst on the backside of the world for too long - and every politician (right or left) knows it. And they should all be ashamed to have let it go on. If I were in South Korea or Japan right now, I'd be pissed.

Guardian.UK: Temperature-boosting El Niño set for early return this year.

Rats. I didn't want to have to spring for a mini-split A/C unit this year, but maybe I'll have to. I suspect our next El Niño is going to be broilingly spectacular. And that ain't good. I've been noticing how many of our remaining junipers (the piñons mostly went in 2003) are dying, esp. on the foothill-tops. I joke we're turning into Phoenix - it's no joke anymore.

TG's Political Wire: Democracy Dies In the Dumbness.

Oh, please. They're waiting for their payoff. Jobs. Lower healthcare costs. Fewer 'brown people.' When they don't see those things materialize, they'll turn on the Administration like an irascible badger. You can't rationalize the lack of food on the table, money in the bank for long. Media drove their anger - and that anger will be fully expressed. The current Democratic Party won't be able to harness and use it - it cannot even harness itself - so this anger will be an anarchic force in the next election. There'll be an even stronger propensity to vote for 'outsiders'. I hope I'm wrong, but strongly suspect I'm right on this one.

HuffPost/Highline: What Bullets Do to Bodies.

But the reality is that people get shot and then they are going to survive, because trauma surgeons are going to save them, and that’s when the real suffering begins.

A friend lived near a hospital in downtown NYC. I remember walking to his place, hearing an ambulance-victim scream, "But it hurts! IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO HURT LIKE THIS!" Young gang member, hazed, shot in some extremity.

The result of television/movie 'flesh wounds' that you walk around with. Media need to depict gunshot wounds and their aftermath realistically. How many times have you seen a colostomy bag on police procedurals? Yeah, that.

Guardian.UK: Trump review threatens to rip up Obama protections for wilderness areas.

As I understand it, GWB 'reviewed' what Clinton did and let it stand. Perhaps this is show. Let's hope it's a pose for the right wing voter. But I suspect hardcore Utahns want to rescind Bear Ears and Grand Staircase. These are not high-yield fracking sites, but the state seems to believe profits exist in these spaces (ignoring the profits of tourism, that is).