Guardian.UK: The Crown’s portrayal of history is an insult to my generation’s struggles.

Alas, but isn't this true of just about all historical dramas? Not everyone sits still long enough for Ken Burns-ian context. I can't hold my breath. Good scriptwriting is essential; tends to be rara avis in a world where writing/editing/proofreading are dumped on the low bidders.

[Tell me where the media is covering the actual conditions on the ground. Tell me.]

Guardian.UK: Divine intervention: yes, water companies using dowsing really is that bad.

So, you see someone you recognise as knowing more than you doing something you assumed to be nonsense, in a professional capacity, how do you resolve this dissonance?

I don't mind people privately going for the 'woo-woo' solution. But hiring a professional services company to do so? I suppose this isn't worse than Whole Foods carrying homeopathics, but I ask you. A technician in a hardhat walking around with dowsing rods? I think I'd kick her/his arse off my property in like 30 seconds.

Pacific Standard: The Economic Price of Sexual Harassment.

"Harassment at age 29–30 increases financial stress in the early 30s," the researchers report in the journal Gender and Society. It does so "largely by precipitating job change," they add, "and can significantly alter women's career attainment."

Good Christ, it starts much earlier than 29! Young women entering the workforce in NYC in the '90's had to run a gauntlet of powerful men. 19-25 would be the prime 'victim' time. Becoming an "angry woman" became a real career-killer. You had to accept the abuse, or be destroyed.

Whoever came up with that age bracket needs to be slapped upside the head.

naked cap: Unemployment is Miserable and Doesn’t Spawn an Upsurge in Personal Creativity.

The reality is that there is an on-going malaise – a deeply entrenched sense of failure is overwhelming, which stifles happiness and creativity, even after the individual is able to return to work. This negativity, borne heavily by the individual, however, also impacts on society in general.

Boy howdy. I have friends and acquaintances, recently reemployed, who are still struggling with the feelings of inadequacy and 'otherness' as a result of long-term unemployment. You're told that a college degree should pretty much insulate you against employment undesirability, but when the reality hits that you're not really any better off than a GED holder in the current employment environment ... that shakes and damages multiple points of cultural 'faith'.

The Paris Review: What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men?

Hemingway’s girlfriend, the writer Martha Gellhorn, didn’t think the artist needed to be a monster; she thought the monster needed to make himself into an artist. “A man must be a very great genius to make up for being such a loathsome human being.” (Well, I guess she would know.)

As you know, this is bothering me right now. I ask myself why I can so easily erase Polanski, but still respect Picasso. Perhaps because I was introduced to Picasso as 'great artist' first in my youth, Polanski first as a troubled genius/rapist in my adulthood. Woody Allen has always driven me bonkers. "Sleeper" is about the only Allen (with himself in it) film I could sit through ... my urge to stuff a sock in his mouth and drop him off at a bus station is just too strong.

Ethics are not supposed to be easy. And they're always worth contemplating. I am concerned about how my choices affect my overall character. Is it not true, that if we can rationalize the output of a monster ... then we can rationalize slavery, the medical experiments on concentration camp survivors, etc.?

I can't bear to do that. Again, we run up against moral consistency as being virtual handcuffs, and moral relativity looking awfully seductive but ultimately deadly to modern society.

Context can help. But when the context is expired, when the monster is dead ... then what? I look to the fact that Hitler is long burnt, but we have Nazis in our streets ... the same streets that housed those who so valiantly defeated the scourge.