How you know the Republican healthcare bill is a hack-job.

They neglected to shield religious health-sharing from the 30% penalty. They're about to throw evangelicals and affordable health care seeking Christians under the bus, and haven't yet noticed.

The word's going out right now, or so I hear. Watch for some interesting action in the next day or two. This gives more Repubs a really ethical opportunity to oppose. Any port in a storm - let 'em know.

Hoo boy, this is a good one.

Sandra ran across this quote from Gluten Free Girl on Instagram, that I just had to share:

"This has become a documenting space of glossy, even-lighted shots of polish and tiny planned imperfections. I grow weary."

For a brief shining moment, that quote collapsed the house of cards that is most of corporate-sponsored 'hipster' Instagram.

The sound of clapping you hear, is me.

Bill Moyers: 'There’s a Smell of Treason in the Air'.

There’s a smell of treason in the air. Imagine if J. Edgar Hoover or any other FBI director would have testified against a sitting president? It would have been a mindboggling event.

That the investigation was started in July is interesting. July was the RNC. And the choice of Pence. Perhaps the Repubs are yelling in public, while shifting evidence to the FBI in private? 

Bah. Even I'm going conspiratorial. I hate the atmosphere these days. One whiff, and you get high on BS.

BBC: US and UK ban cabin laptops on some inbound flights.

In spite of howling, there must be a clear and present danger. If Daesh can release videos of such technical and artistic (holding my nose) skill ... they can easily construct a functioning laptop/incendiary.

If the danger is so great, I doubt banishing them to the luggage compartment is going to solve the problem, unless there is more sophisticated scanning tech for that class of baggage.

Look up "Airbus wiring harness". Imagine what a weaponized cellphone could do to that fly-by-wire system (blow this out, down you go, no mechanical backups).

[So my dear fellow leftwingers, do us all a favor and shut your cakeholes. This isn't a fight, and if you persist in making it one, you're no better than Fox News.]