Last time I saw a full eclipse, I was a kid. We had our head in boxes - for about five minutes - before we got bored, went into the gym and played volleyball. Beware of glasses. I'd lean on using a smartphone, or 'live view' on your camera. Voice of experience: I may have a burned-out spot in one eye from shooting sunsets - it happens faster than you imagine, and becomes a lifetime annoyance.

Petrolicious: Which Car Wore It Best - “Safety” Bumpers From The ’70s.

Yeah, horrible. I tried to find an image of what my old '73 MG Midget looked like with the interstitial year 'black blocks', but could only find an MGB. Mine were the same size, but imagine those on a much smaller Midget. My only consolation - the Triumph Spitfire looked even worse.

DYT: Illustrator Yaoyao Ma Van As Perfectly Captures The Happiness Of Living Alone.

Love that the artist used a young woman. Too many are pushed into relationships too quickly. Parents. Culture. I would have had a better time in my early years without the pressure of 'having to have a girlfriend.' It diminished the experiences of pure youthful joy. But I suppose that's not terribly PC to say.